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December 23, 2010

A common response around here when a student asks, “what are we eating?” or
“where are we going?” or “how long will we be gone?” is : “Do you really need to know?”

Of course the answer is always, “no”. You don’t need to know.

We get lots of entertainment out of watching the students guess what we will be doing next as they assess the amount of food being packed, or note that the packing list only says two pair of underwear (which of course has no bearing on how many days we’ll be gone, but they like to think it does).

On this particular evening they knew something was up, but assumed the worst. What they didn’t know was we were going to float down the river in silence enjoying the magical glow worms along the canyon walls (they really aren’t ugly worms, but look more like stars in the trees).

We laughed so hard, froze, teased each other about the eels (which really are in the river), and enjoyed the absolute beauty a million tiny glow worms emit hidden in the walls of the New Zealand bush.

our attire: wet suits, two life jackets (one on top, one on bottom)

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