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raft build

November 29, 2010

Limited supplies and instructions were given. The students only knew they needed to work together, the raft had to fit on the small trailer and it needed to make it down a river that included rapids, a gorge, and lots of environmental hazards. On Beth’s birthday we all entered the river and began our day’s journey. There were three rafts, the “Mother Ship” (that held 9 people, and barely survived), the “Black Scar” and the “Black Beauty”. Joe had a sit-on-top and Beth had an inner tube for the first three minutes of rapids, until a branch popped her transport and she had to join the sailors of the Black Scar.

That evening the students built themselves sleeping quarters from some tarps and the staff stole away under the cover of darkness and during the distraction of dessert and left the students behind. We had given them enough clues throughout the day for them to find their way back home and the time frame they were working under. They arrived home safely after a couple hour float and 3k of portaging, unfortunately they were late and had to forfeit lunch.

The Build:

staff hard at work

The Test Run:

The Prep:

The Float:

black beauty

the black scar

the mothership

Matt on his sit-on-top

The Camp:

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